We believe that human beings can and want to transform!

We believe that every organism is in the process of growing or in the process of dying. For humans, the choice to grow and thrive is just that—a very conscious choice.

We believe that transformation is the fastest and most profitable way for individuals, teams, and organizations to implement ideas, systems, and programs—to take theories and turn them into effective actions.

We believe that transformation does not take long, especially using a coaching methodology. Get in. Transform. Get on with life.

We make the process of change safer and more attractive than staying put.

We create measurable results.

Evoking Genius utilizes a coaching methodology to create lasting behavior changes in individuals, teams, and organizations. We realize that the best ideas and plans need to move from theoretical to practical…and they need to be measurable. 

What’s the difference between coaching and consulting, teaching, or training? Great question. 

Coaching assumes that the client holds all of the wisdom and the answers. The coach’s job is to gently draw out that wisdom, using questions and tools designed to uncover or reveal the answers. In coaching, the agenda is set by the client, not the coach—a key distinction between coaching and other specialties. An effective coach will uncover and make visible, that which was previously considered a “blind spot”. Once uncovered, the clients are usually fully capable of designing their own effective solutions. Without the revealing of blind spots, mistakes occur repeatedly.

We create measurable results. 

Are you ready to transform through coaching?

Transform. Grow. Thrive.

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