John Hittler

“How were you able to pull that off?”

John_SmallJohn has made a habit of creating seemingly impossible outcomes, whether transforming a struggling team to become the top performer, or engaging an audience with his playful, interactive, life-changing style. His belief is simple: we are each endowed with one unique genius, different than any other person on the planet. John uses his genius to create seemingly impossible outcomes and in doing so, helps people win big!

His professional career spans 9 owner funded companies, some of which thrived, others not as much. Regardless, each company (and one non-profit foundation) taught valuable lessons and honed the skills and passions John holds today. In short: Do what you love! Love the people you do it with!

In Evoking Genius, John partners with clients to create outcomes that they simply could not imagine possible, through an encouraging coaching style. “The clients always set the agenda,” says John, “and my job is to make the process of necessary change or transformation safer and more attractive than standing still.” That result comes about often in a playful manner, transforming work into play, and unleashing individual, team, and organizational “genius” in the process.
“We take struggling teams and help them to transform into top performers. We take already great teams and partner with them to transform to their next highest level of growth. That almost always centers upon releasing the pent up talent in each individual and team. That sounds simple, and it’s not always easy. Our job is to make that process accessible, attractive, and mostly…safe. It never hurts to make it fun too,” claims John, who spent more than his fair share of time in the principal’s office for his playful approach to life…and grade school. That same approach makes transformation much more appealing for clients.

Vital Stats

  • BS in Economics and German from Georgetown University.
  • 7 years of formal study in ontology, neural science and linguistics.
  • 7 children. 3 grandchildren.
  • CrossFitter and extreme athlete.
  • Charitable board member, mostly for charities associated with eliminating child poverty and human trafficking.
  • Giving back is simply part of his personal ethic.


Bill Palmer

419792_10150696572229558_396204025_nBill’s coaching and consulting link business results to corporate culture and process with attention to individual action, integrity and transformation. He has deep coaching, consulting and training experience in cross-cultural settings.

Bill has extensive coaching, consulting and training experience, and is designated as a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies with a special concentration in Petrochemicals as well as in Automotive, Banking and Finance, Marketing Technology and Services, the United States Military, Software Development and Consumer Packaged Goods.

“He’s an out of the box thinker who stays cool under fire,” says one current client of 17 years. He adds “Bill really challenged me and my people, and always in a way that brought out the best in us. It wasn’t always easy, but it was what we needed.”

Bill is from New York City, now lives in California, and has consulted both domestically and internationally, in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Canada, Egypt, Oman, Abu Dhabi, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Africa, Republic of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Angola, Turkey, Australia, and Vietnam.


  • Article “Sales and Gestalt: Our Alienated Fragment,” Gestalt Review Spring 2007
  • Graduate 2004, Organizational Systems Development Program, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and Graduate 2007, Group Intensive Program, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.
  • Member, Organizational Development Network.
  • Bill serves as a pro bono coach and consultant to, the world’s leading microfinance website.


Paul Leboffe

Paul LeboffeA trusted advisor who combines more than 25 years of business and legal experience with his talent for connecting individuals and teams to their work in a way that leads to better double bottom-line results – happier people and healthier profits.

Experience & Representative Clients

Through coaching, facilitation, change management, and team development projects, Paul has partnered with his clients to design and deliver many successful programs across a range of industries from blue-chip organizations such as:

  • British Petroleum
  • JP Morgan/Chase
  • Nielsen Media Research
  • Novis Pharmaceuticals
  • DLA Piper
  • Seagate Technologies
  • ADT Security Services
  • Barclay’s PLC
  • Brightstar Corporation
  • Cardinal Health

Paul is most effective with teams undergoing change, and teams with untapped potential that want to increase their level of focus, alignment and engagement. He has learned that the most effective way to improve performance is to play to your strengths, so he works with teams to understand their DNA and what they do best, and do more of it. He does this through a proven process that combines increased awareness, simple but powerful tools, and hands-on practice to support you in overcoming the blocks to achieving breakthrough performance. His clients describe his approach as professional, playful and consummately practical.


Paul holds a Bachelors of Science from Cornell University and a Law Degree from Syracuse University School of Law, with honors. He is also a Professional Certified Coach, a qualified Business Coach, a court-certified mediator, and he holds a Masters in Intuition Medicine®. He is part of the professional faculty of British Petroleum, Teleos Leadership Institute, and the Center for Innovation and Transformation, and he is certified to deliver the Strengths Deployment Inventory, Change Styles Inventory, and the FIRO-B assessment tools.

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