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Pure Genius: Body, Soul, Mind – The Recipe to Get You Out of a Bad Day

One in 4 adults in the US currently take anti-depressant medications, and another one in 4 would qualify if they sought treatment. With all of these “bad days” going around, we thought it helpful to offer biological and neurological remedies (as opposed to pharmaceutical) to help shift the energetic momentum back towards full health, productivity,

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Pure Genius: Do Elite Athletes Use a Higher Percentage of Their Brains?

In some things in life, size really does matter. Consider all you can eat buffets, porn stars, and elite athletes’ brains? Wait, elite athletes’ brains? Really? Is it possible that elite athletes use a higher percentage of their brains than non-athletes, or even lesser talented athletes? Hmm….whatever happened to ‘dumb jocks’? Without them, our stereotypes

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