Pure Genius: Are You Growing or Dying?

If you accept the premise that you cannot simultaneously be both dark and light, then it would stand to reason that you cannot simultaneously be love and hate, or simultaneously growing and dying.

Logic, mathematical reasoning…call it what you want. In the end, you can only be one or the other, and in all cases, the choice is just that—a choice. Your choice!

So what is it for you? Growing or dying? Quite a heady question for most of us to consider, especially if we answer honestly. One premise goes like this: The way you do one thing is the way you do everything! Under that premise, it becomes impossible to claim that you are growing in your fitness and health (eating well, sleeping enough, managing stress, exercising) and simultaneously taking lots of prescription drugs, or abusing alcohol. The “dying part” kills off the seemingly “growing part” every time.

Enter Power Versus Force to Help Out

In the powerful work of Dr. Donald Hawkins in Power Versus Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, the Phd psychologist outlines what he calls “levels of consciousness” that determine in large part, how we play in life. I have never been a big fan of psychology, although Hawkins developed his framework using quantum physics (much more reliable than psychology) and the chaos theory to come up with an algorithmic formula for determining predictable human behavior. Algorithms I trust much more than psychology….with all due respect to the Phd earned by Hawkins.

Essentially, he mapped levels of consciousness to predictability of behavior. For example, if my primary level of consciousness were “anger”, it would become rather easy to predict my behavior at any given moment. You would simply ask, “What might an angry person do in this situation?” You might not predict perfectly, but you could probably make a short list of possibilities that would be eerily accurate. You would most likely then prepare accordingly for the (predictable) actions I might take…and protect yourself somehow.

Levels of consciousness evolve for individual and even groups of humans, and at some point in life, become mostly a choice. That concept of choice makes Hawkins work so interesting. Consider an acquaintance, coworker, or a person at church who carries around a “victim mentality”. You know the type. They have talent, resources, and opportunities, and they (choose to) dwell on the circumstances in their life that seem “unfair”. Consequently, it appears to others that they are wasting their talents and abilities in favor of complaining. After a while, my guess would be that you do the same as others—you begin to avoid this person as rather toxic.

Back to predictability. If the way you do one thing is the way you do everything, then won’t a victim reliably follow the path a typical victim would follow? Would a growing person, intent on learning and forward progress predictably follow a path of curiosity, accepting challenges, and creating meaning?

You get the idea.

The Levels of Consciousness to Consider

Rather than choose your level of desired consciousness, use this list to find or identify where you stand currently. There is no right or wrong in where you find yourself. That simply represents the beginning of your journey—the starting point. Remember, that all progress starts by telling the truth! No one is watching nor listening, so why not tell the truth about where you are starting your journey?

Hawkins’ scale goes from 0 to 1,000, and to give some context, it is estimated (by his mathematical equation) that fewer than 100 people on the planet are in the top tier (enlightenment), so you might play the odds here and not choose that as your guesstimated level of consciousness.

Level of Consciousness Examples
Enlightenment (transcendence of the ego)700 - 1,000Jesus, Buddha, Krishna
Peace (transcendence occurs)600The Dali Lama
Joy (simplicity of life and gratitude)540
Love (unconditional appreciation for life)500Pope Francis
Reason (free to focus on ideas and reason)400Peter Diamandis (X-Prize)
Acceptance (realize happiness is within)350
Willingness (caring about doing best work)310
Neutrality (positive lack of attachment)250
Courage (begin seeing life as challenge)200
Pride (feeling better than others)175Most athletic teams
Anger (rigid, controlling, fighting)150Hillary Clinton
Desire (seeking power, prestige, money)125Donald Trump
Fear (scarcity, fear, and seclusion)100
Grief 75
Apathy (hopelessness)50
Guilt (preoccupation with guilt and sin)30
Shame (Self-hatred) 20Domestic abuse victims

Did you resonate with one specific level of consciousness? Generally, people know this intuitively. It just feels right. Congratulations on having the guts to answer honestly. That provides the opportunity to ascend the scale, if you so choose.

Before you make any choices, here are some observations to note:

  • The red levels of consciousness are associated with abundance, starting at “courage”. The blue levels of consciousness are associated with “scarcity”. Neither is better or worse, just predictive.
  • Did you notice that most athletic teams, from Little League to pro sports, align with pride, which falls just below the “abundance” line? Interesting to note how some of the greatest teams in the history of sports speak about love, willingness, and acceptance, rather than pride. Sure they are “proud” of what they accomplished, and they played with a spirit of love for the game, their teammates, and even a respect/love for their opponents.
  • I guesstimated on the two leading political candidates for President. Doesn’t Hillary fit well into the characterization of “rigid, controlling, and fighting”, associated with anger? Some people have a less flattering word for her, but the scarcity characterization fits well, and predicts also why she cannot and will not unite the country. That’s not possible from a scarcity mindset, especially not anger.
  • Even lower on the power scale comes Donald Trump, who seems perfectly described by desire (“seeking power, prestige, and money”). Could he be even less capable of uniting anyone in the country? Predictively, the answer would be “yes” as he is working from a level of scarcity, that would have him grab power, prestige and money for himself above those he has been elected to serve.
  • If you’re keeping score, know this: Only 1 in 7 people on the planet, in any country or economic region, choose to live above the level associated with “abundance” (i.e. the “courage” level). Only 1 in 7! The higher that any one person rises on the levels of consciousness scale, the more that their level of consciousness can affects the masses. For example, a person at peace can counter the energy level of 70 million people! When you think in terms of the simple power of the Dali Lama, you get the idea.

Nothing Either Good or Bad. It’s Just a Choice!

Shakespeare said it best: “Nothing is either good or bad. Thinking makes it so.” Where you find yourself on the scale of consciousness simply shows where you are today. So be it. The key is where you aspire to move—either up or down the scale—and what that choice then allows for your life’s opportunities.

Consider the opportunities opened or closed by choosing to move in the direction of “willingness” (310, clearly in abundance/power) from the level of “fear” (100, clearly in scarcity).

  • What opens up as possibilities?: enjoyment of work, challenges that create growth, volunteering (as opposed to being asked)
  • What closes down as possibilities?: hesitancy, complacency, or any form of blame

Is one level of consciousness more appropriate or desirable than the other? Shakespeare can answer that best…”only thinking makes it so.” Your choice makes the difference.

Growing, Dying, and Transformation

How does transformation work? It’s simple. You simply choose a path for which you commit to move towards.

Where did you find yourself on the list of levels of consciousness? If you like that level, are you growing or dying? That is, are you at a level above 200 or below 200? Remember, it’s not a knock. It’s just where you are right now.

If you choose, simply pick a higher level that you aspire to pursue. Assuming that you are not there already, partner with a coach or mentor to begin to live the life associated with that level of consciousness and begin to enjoy the possibilities—both those that are opened, and those that will now close.

Human transformation exists as one of the most beautiful and simultaneously powerful sights to behold. You will become a more peaceful, grounded, and fun person, and your life will change in all aspects. In the end, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

So choose. Transform. Live a great life.

All the best!

p.s. If you are serious about transformation—business or personal, reach out, and I would be honored to partner with you to make that a reality. I make the process of transformation safer and more attractive than standing still.

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