Pure Genius: The Three Simple Choices You Have to Make For a Great Life

Amazing how simple life can be…or how annoyingly complicated. In the end, 3 simple choices affect how well you and I can enjoy a simple, powerful, great life. Without fanfare, we aim to set out those choices and their impact on living a great life.

Let’s start out with the three simple, profound, catalytic choices each one of has to make, in order to influence, alter, or transform our individual lives. You can make the choices any time you like, and the earlier you make the choice, the faster the quality of your life improves. A simple warning up front: failure to make any conscious choice means that the world around you imposes its consequences upon you. Chances are, you might not choose the same way the world will, so I encourage you to choose wisely, rather than allow the world to choose for you!

It’s just that simple. That’s why human transformation represents one of the most simultaneously powerful and beautiful events to witness—when a drug addicted person simply chooses vibrant health and sobriety, or when a perpetual victim chooses complete self-responsibility. It’s as if the entire world changes immediately. In reality, the world provides that which we allow our eyes and ears to see and hear. The choice to see and hear suffering and hardship is just as simple as the choice to see opportunity, joy, and fulfillment. You simply allow your eyes and ears the opportunity to see anew, once you choose.

With that backdrop, let’s get on with our Big Three…

Three Choices and Lots of Questions

In the suggested order that you make the choices, here goes:

  1. Will I choose abundance or scarcity for my life outlook?
  2. Does my life’s work fit my calling and life’s purpose?
  3. Whom do I choose as my primary life partner/spouse?

If you notice the progression, the choice of abundance versus scarcity dramatically affects the other life choices. Any life choice that is influenced by scarcity will prove much less satisfying (at minimum), fulfilling, or outright joyful life, than that same life choice influenced by an abundant outlook!

Quite simply, this abundant (or scarce) outlook dictates that this choice be made primarily, and then the other two secondarily. Ask yourself, if life were filled with abundance, would my work and life partnership feel different? I suggest that the answer would be a resounding “yes”.

The Choice of Abundance or Scarcity

Clearly, anyone asked would logically choose abundance over scarcity, and the ironic aspect (or the “trick” in the choice) is that scarcity minded individuals expect abundance to find them, rather than choosing it as a life outlook. They will “embrace” abundance and figure that “when I finally get abundance, it will be easier to choose.”

Consider this mental construct: If you are “waiting for” abundance to appear, how would you know what it looked like if it hit you right on the head? The reality exists, that once you choose an outlook that “life is abundant” with happiness, wealth, health, relationships, and positivity, those mental constructs that you include in your definition of “abundance” begin to appear…almost immediately!

Why? It’s simple. You have told your brain to begin to recognize that which you have mentally chosen.

Consider this simple abundant outlook, concerning people. and relationships.

There are over 7 billion people roaming the earth, most of whom you and I will never meet. We live among the community where we reside, and for the most part, interact with those people who live within a short distance of where we reside. Those individuals live their lives according to their way of life. We get no say in their choices, for the most part.

What if you chose to like people on purpose, rather than requiring people to be “likable” according to your standards? What might change in the way you related to every person you met, if you chose to find that which is already likable in each human being you met? Would the everyday experience at the grocery store, at work, or in line at a restaurant change if you granted the fact that the person next to you was imminently likable?

That’s an abundant mindset. You would find that which is likable, and not surprisingly, people would show up differently to you—not because they changed, but because you did!

The alternative choice rests on the idea that people have to somehow earn their status as likable by you. It’s like you are the selection committee at Augusta National Golf Club—superior, exclusive, and with very strict membership criteria—that most people never meet.

Instead, consider an abundant choice regarding people who surround you every day, especially those closest to you—your life partner or spouse, you children, your close friends, work associates, and then those everyday people with whom you interact every day.

We know statistically, that in the global population, only 1 in seven people choose abundance as a way of life. Sad, but true (and statistically proven) that most of the population chooses scarcity in their lives. Not surprisingly, the 6 in 7 who choose (or default to a choice) scarcity make themselves known.

Choose abundance. Choose it early. Watch how it shifts the quality of your outlook, your marriage, your relationships, your health, and wealth.

The Choice of Pursuing My Calling in My Life’s Work

Do you love your work? Well, if you answered “yes” does that love reside in the work you are doing, or the fact that the work fits your calling, your unique talents, or your life’s purpose?

If not, eventually, the “job” that you like now will shift into something less desirable.

The second large choice in life starts young: to live a life pursuing your calling and connected to your life’s purpose. Do you know your life’s purpose? Do you know your calling or your Unique Genius™?

Our claim is simple: Embedded in your DNA is a singular gift of talent, granted to you and you alone. Once you know what that unique gift of talent looks like, and how you bring it forth in the world, you have your calling. Add in the reason this talent is so important to you, and your life’s purpose or WHY is now clear. We call this your Unique Genius™. If you do not know yours, comment below, and we’ll help you find it. 90 minutes and lots of fun. It will give you the two elements (your calling and purpose) that are required to live a great life.

Live your life working in your calling and in alignment with your life’s purpose, and every day holds the possibility of contribution, significance, and joy. You’ll love getting up every morning.

The Choice of a Great Life Partner

Certainly, the choice of a life partner seems like it should not take the Bronze Medal in our hierarchy. Given the opportunity of your life partner to make your life enjoyable (or miserable!) this choice looms as significant.

It’s just that the choice gets influenced dramatically by whether it is made in the frame of abundance or scarcity! Consider a failed marriage or relationship…not that you have ever had one of those….Did your partner (or friend, or colleague) have an abundant mindset? More importantly, did you?

Imagine what happens in relationships when one partner makes a new life choice, to pursue a life of abundance, while still married/related to a partner who does not make that same choice. A gap ensues. In a perfect world, the partner closer to scarcity gets attracted to the partner pursuing abundance.

You get the idea why it’s wiser to choose a great life partner or spouse once you have already chosen a life of abundance (or scarcity). Your choice will reflect and mirror your life outlook better. Having gotten out of a marriage with a scarcity minded partner, I can say without reservation that living life with a partner who espouses possibility, abundance, health, and joy really makes daily life much more enjoyable.

Choose wisely. Love your spouse. You will live a longer, happier life, say doctors and medical professionals, as you will have less stress, more joy, and even a higher IQ! Your relationship with your cat will not necessarily provide those same advantages, even if your cat is available (and willing) for a life partnership.

The Power of Three

Clearly, there other great possibilities for life-altering choices in your life. We do not discard or ignore this idea.

In order of the choices, choosing your life’s outlook rests as the foundational life choice from which all others become colored. Add in the contribution of your life’s work, and a great primary life partner, and you have the simple, powerful, fulfilling elements for what can be considered a “great” life.

Choose. Your quality of life depends upon it.

All the best!

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