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What Our Clients Say

John is at the top of my list! As my coach, he shared wisely and listened openly to my challenges, my fears and my dreams. He helped me to see my options and got me unstuck at a critical turning point, encouraging me to listen to my heart, and getting me to a place of peace and confidence where I was able to take a huge leap of faith to start my own business.

John has helped me turn obstacles into opportunities. He challenged me to play to my strengths. When things got tough, he gave me a different perspective. In short, he helped me make it happen, connecting me with the right people and showing me practically how to grow my business. He drew me into a network of big people and bright futures, where everyone operates with an abundance philosophy. Everything I do now feels right, and I’m finding unexpected success with my new business venture.

John not only helped me create a new field to play on, but they’ve shown me how to play a much bigger game. I am forever indebted to him for revealing my true potential.

Janine de Nysschen Corporate Coaching Client

It has been a rewarding pleasure to work with John. John has been my business coach since 2007. John and I have also done business together in a number of capacities for more than five years. Working with him has been transformational, both personally and professionally. I endorse and recommend him highly. Over the course of our work together, I have found john to be gifted, honest and effective. Now as Evoking Genius, John leads a dream team of business advisors and mentors. The work I have done John has achieved tangible, lilfe-changing results. Through his coaching, I re-discovered inner strengths and creative energy, cut through weeds that obscured my vision and further developed my core abilities and mindset for sustaining long-term personal and professional growth.

Robert Dellenbach Corporate Coaching Client

I’ve been working with Evoking Genius as a client for the last year. It has truly been an amazing journey, starting with the discovery process, where my eyes were opened to the possibilities I could create from the assets I already have. Having made deep discoveries into where my genius lies, we’ve been spending most of our time on development and fine tuning of my genius, with a keen eye on how to deploy it in a way that creates value for myself and those around me. It’s been a great process, and I look forward to each contact with Evoking Genius.

Bryan Cole Corporate Coaching Client

I’ve worked with John on a number of occasions and have been consistently WOWed by his ability to intuitively uncover and produce simple paradigm shifts that unlock breakthrough performance. My work with him has helped me dramatically improve my ability to produce and lead as CEO of a fast-moving software startup.

David Hassell Corporate Coaching Client

I have worked with many coaches during my twenty years in business and John is definitely one of the gifted few. Throughout twelve years of working with him, I can bank on the fact that every time we get on the phone to tackle a huge issue, an hour later we’ve nailed the source and the solution is so obvious that implementing is effortless. The change he consistently guides me to achieve is both profound and lasting personally and professionally.

Jennifer Summer Tolman Corporate Training Participant

I have worked with John multiple times in the past 3 years with two different groups (CEO Group / YPO) with varied business goals and purposes. In all instances he over achieved the groups and my personal expectations. He taught us, through the use of actionable practices, how to connect on a more personal level through building a higher level of trust. By doing this both groups were able to talk about the “elephants outside the room” and resolve lingering business issues with speed and clarity.

The major learning point for me has been how important the soft skills, like vulnerability based trust, are fundamental to any group in order to reach a high level of performance. They also taught me that the leader of any organization needs to show their vulnerability first before the management team will play all out. I do a fair amount of facilitating executive groups myself but I consider John the gold standard when it comes to executive team building and uncommon results.

Rick McNamee Corporate Training Participant

I would like to thank John once more for a terrific session. As you well know, there are plenty of smart folks out there who can share their experiences to the benefit of us all. But there are so very few who can help each of us as individuals to see our unique strengths and gifts so clearly. While these incredible self-realizations are swell for personal branding, the real power and significance comes when we are able to focus our energy on that singular purpose and special talent that is our unique genius. I saw it in the room, you are not just changing perspectives, you are changing lives.

Adam Glickman Workshop Participant

You my friend are awesome!

Love your inspiration!

Gabriel Lunao Genius Discovery Participant

Working with John on my Genius statement was an incredibly joyous and rewarding experience. Framed from the context that we are all gifted with a Unique Genius™ that no one else in the world has, much like a fingerprint or your DNA, our group was guided through an introspective journey in being able to recognize our moments of our greatest pride to find that one thing in the world that absolutely nobody else can do quite like us.

Carin Luna-Ostaseski Genius Discovery Participant

I’m still very touched and inspired by all the positive energy I experienced during Genius Day.

What a remarkably wonderful day it was in so many different levels: the people, the community, the interactions, the self discovery, the team work. .. . I can’t thank you enough for choosing to dedicate yourself to this type of role in life, you’ve truly empowered me to go forth with new conviction, purpose and confidence.

I want you to know that I consider you a role model and inspiration. I aspire to positively impact the lives of others (many, many people) in the same intelligent and beautiful manner that you do.

Luis Lecanda Genius Discovery Participant
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